AMI by the Numbers

AMI’s Pain Management Program for Chronic Pain is designed to help patients find relief and is currently flourishing in the Medicaid space. From data analysis of multiple Medicaid populations, AMI can identify on average nearly 1 in 5 suffer from neuromusculoskeletal chronic pain. AMI uses transparency in guidelines to create a standard among providers for effective patient care. AMI uses advanced data analytics to create offerings for efficient and effective healthcare, often involving the integration of CAM modalities.

The success of AMI’s efforts is illustrated in the following significant results:

    • 82% of AMI patients surveyed believe their daily life has improved since beginning with an AMI program.
    • 93% of the patients are satisfied with the integrative therapies.
    • 96% would recommend AMI programs to friends or family.
    • Chiropractic care costs have been reduced for 10 consecutive years in a multi-state chiropractic treatment area.

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