Physical Medicine Quality Initiative – Chiropractic

How do you know who the best Chiropractor is in chiropractic1your network? AMI can help figure that out.

Using the IMDIS® platform, providers enter concurrent clinical information about their actual treatments and receive real-time feedback regarding how well their patients have improved compared to their network peers. Providers are presented with the resources for proper guideline-based treatment, the multiple treatment options available to them and the evidence base from which these guidelines have evolved.

The AMI Chiropractic Management Program will produce client specific statistics on:

  • Provider performance for both clinical and cost efficiencies
  • Provider Program Compliance
  • Provider Program adherence to nationally accepted treatment guidelines

IMDIS® educates providers on nationally accepted guidelines and best practice techniques throughout the course of treatment. With minimal entry from patients and providers, the provider is guided by a decision support system and is kept informed on the efficacy of their treatment choices and actual patient improvement.

AMI’s physical medicine quality initiative has a documented track record of substantial client savings, improved clinical outcomes for patients and provider metrics demonstrating improved quality and safety of care.

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