Chronic Pain Program Testimonials

AMI receives great feedback from patients who have been transformed by the treatments provided by our programs. Below are a number of recent testimonials. (Names withheld for privacy.)

“My weekly massage therapy helps my muscle spasms, charlie horses, fatigue, and my lower damaged back, legs and feet. It helps where I have chronic pain due to degenerative disk disease which is inoperable due to severe damage. I couldn’t ask for a better program. It has helped me very much with my daily life, I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is in severe pain. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my pain.”

“The treatments I receive help me with my daily routines and I have not been sick since I can remember; without this program I probably would still be sick. I used to have to go to the ER twice a month due to my chronic stomach pain, my acupuncturist helped me with that pain and I don’t take any medicine due to my acupuncture treatments. Thank you AMI”

“My case worker has been very helpful in this whole process. My pain has gone down significantly.”