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Chronic pain affects nearly 100 million Americans.  To those responsible for paying for the cost of healthcare, identifying those patients with chronic pain is remarkably difficult due to the fact there is no one specific ICD-10 code.

How can you manage patient care when you cannot identify which patients have chronic pain conditions, especially when chronic pain is Medicaid’s #1 cost driver?

The Institute of Medicine calculates the total cost of treatment, lost productivity, disability payments and legal fees related to chronic pain is greater than the total cost of medical care for patients with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Cancer and AIDS.

Chronic pain is a hidden co-morbidity not captured by conventional data analytics and may be the invisible root cause of many other subsequent medical issues.

AMI’s integrated chronic pain program can create efficiencies, savings and better overall wellness of patients. What does AMI do that is different from other providers?

    • Utilizing proprietary algorithms AMI identifies the patients in your risk pool that suffer from chronic pain.
    • Work with patients directly to develop unique patient-centric integrated treatment plans.
    • Integrate low-cost, high patient satisfaction, complementary alternative medicine (CAM) treatments into the conventional medical case management of high-risk employees. 

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