AMI By the Numbers

AMI’s advanced analytics unmask the hidden population of patients who are being currently managed for their multiple co-morbidities, yet the root cause of their pain and escalating health care costs remains elusive. De-identified and pooled data shows the efficacy of this strategy:

  • Over a 25% reduction of opioid scripts prescribed versus a similar population focused on reduction.
  • 31% reduction in claims dollars spent.
  • 19% reduction in Emergency Room Visits

The success of AMI’s efforts is illustrated in the following significant results:

    • 82% of AMI patients surveyed believe their daily life has improved since beginning with an AMI program.
    • 93% of the patients are satisfied with the integrative therapies.
    • 96% would recommend AMI programs to friends or family.
    • The overutilization of chiropractic care outside of nationally recognized and accepted guidelines has been significantly reduced….12 years….  This increases both patient safety and cost effectiveness.

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