AMI’s Integrative Medicine Medical Home

AMI gained national recognition when building and implementing the first patient-centered integrative medicine Independent Practice Association (IPA).

As portals of entry to a full spectrum of traditional MD specialists, in-patient and out-patient facilities, AMI’s primary care physicians include:

    • Holistically oriented Medical Doctors (M.D.)
    • Holistically oriented Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.)
    • Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.)

Preferentially choosing non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical philosophies and modalities, the integration of AMI credentialed PCP’s into the scope of treatment options provides patients with the Best of Both Worldssm–like minded medicinal physicians working together with qualified complementary alternative medicine providers in an evidence-based environment.

To date, AMI’s integrated delivery system model continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrative care, wellness and prevention by consistently reducing–not just controlling–total medical expenses, as compared to those patients treated in a conventional, non-integrated medicine environment.

20 years of clinical and cost outcomes for this IPA have demonstrated the following results:

60% Decrease in hospital admissions
59% Reduction in hospital days
62% Savings in Outpatient surgeries and procedures
85% Reduction in Pharmaceutical costs

These outcomes represent a significant return on investment (ROI), and have been consistently repeated in every year of our IPA contract with Illinois largest HMO.

The IPA’s clinical and cost outcomes experience for the first four years was published in the June 2004 edition of the peer-reviewed and indexed Journal of Manipulation and Physical Therapy (JMPT). An updated version that incorporates an additional three years of experience was published in the May 2007 edition of JMPT.

Due to the regulatory environment in Illinois, where both the Managed Care Act and the Medical Practice Act enable Doctors of Chiropractic to be licensed as primary care physicians (PCPs), this program is currently only available in Illinois.  AMI is happy to provide the knowledge and expertise to expand this program into any state where the present legislative foundation already supports utilizing CAM providers of any licensure as PCPs.

If you live in Illinois and are looking for more information about having a holistically minded MD, DO or DC as your PCP, please click here.

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