AMI’s Integrated Medical Data Information System (IMDIS®) works with providers and payors to provide knowledge on best practices, patient health and cost savings. IMDIS is applicable for members diagnosed with chronic pain, members utilizing physical and occupational therapy and/or members accessing chiropractic care. All AMI programs utilize the IMDIS® platform to collect patient specific clinical and cost data. This allows AMI to create client reports identifying specific provider’s network ranking, identifying their patient outcomes and cost effectiveness. This is accomplished by identifying medically unnecessary high-tech, high-cost procedures and managing the frequency of low-tech, low-cost, high touch, high patient satisfaction procedures in a patient-centered environment.

Features include:

  • Provider dashboard with real-time monitoring of visits and patient improvement metrics.
  • Statistical feedback on individual practice performance versus their network peers.
  • Best practice alerts based on two sets of guidelines: ODG (Official Disability Guidelines) and CCGPP (Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters).
  • Client dashboard to view clinical, cost and compliance metrics of their network.

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