Integrated Chronic Pain Program (ICPP)

AMI has been at the forefront of chronic pain management since the inception of the ICPP in 2003. Our proprietary algorithms identify and unmask the hidden costs associated with chronic pain patients. Customized integrative medicine treatment plans have been proven to reduce both global costs and pharmaceutical dependency through the increased utilization of evidence based attended therapies.

As chronic pain rates have increased over the last several decades, so has the use of opioids in response, resulting in an epidemic of opioid use, overuse, and abuse. An AMI Integrative Chronic Pain Program targets populations with musculoskeletal pain who have already turned to opioids.

AMI’s chronic pain management team collaborates and coordinates with all physical medicine and behavioral health providers specializing in the treatment of chronic pain to shift the model of care from a high-cost, high-tech, pharmaceutical/surgical delivery model, to a low-cost, low-tech, hands-on approach.


Providing conservative care options, especially from the onset of a case, has been shown to reduce downstream services and associated costs. Cost savings are typically related to decreased imaging, surgery, injection procedures, emergency room visits, specialist visits, hospitalizations, and opioids.

AMI was the first physical medicine company to receive waivers granted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide federally approved reimbursement for massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and pharmaceutical consulting.

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Why Choose AMI?

AMI’s ICPP has reduced on average up to 30% of the patient’s total medical spend.

AMI patients experienced an 85% reduction in Opioid scripts in just one year.

82% of AMI patients say their quality of life has improved since beginning an AMI program.

How are we different?

  • AMI’s proprietary algorithms identify those patients in your chronic pain population who are most likely to benefit from an integrative medical interdisciplinary approach.
  • AMI works directly with each member of this identified population to develop their unique integrative treatment plans.
  • IMDIS® integrates low-cost, high-patient satisfaction, physical medicine treatments into the conventional medical case management of high-risk members and employees.
  • The ICPP is applicable to all payers including Governments and Municipalities

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"Patient Testimonial: Since I began the AMI program, I went from taking 15 injections of pain relief for my spine due to rotational scoliosis plus 15-22 tablets a day for various health conditions to taking 3 meds a day which are multivitamins, allergy medication & Naproxen 4-5 days out of the entire month!  I personally recommend AMI to all my friends & family."