Physical Medicine Quality Initiative – Physical and Occupational Therapy

Would you be surprised to learn that upwards of 40% of costs associated with your company’s claims expense for Physical and Occupational Therapy were identified as outside nationally recognized clinical guidelines?

Chiropractic Care

AMI identified the above statistic after analyzing three years and millions of claims data from current and potential clients.

Through the use of nationally accepted clinical guidelines and standards, AMI has created a decision support platform, IMDIS® to help educate providers on best practice guidelines. AMI’s program improves the quality and safety of care provided to your patients as well as documents a clinical and scientifically justifiable treatment matrix from which managed care organizations can adjudicate claims.

The IMDIS® platform helps to identify the over utilizers within your network and allows you to compare all network providers using the provider’s own unique cost and clinical outcomes statistics. This analytic tool gives you the confidence needed to assess the overall quality and effectiveness of your network. Additionally, this information provides a solid defensible scientific foundation for future quality initiatives such as “pay for performance.”

With the tools found on the IMDIS® system, providers can easily:

    • Track patient progress
    • Compare treatment plans with previous episodes
    • Provide the most effective care on an individual patient basis

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