Physical Medicine Network Management

for Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy

AMI’s value-based network management program, powered by the IMDIS® platform, delivers cost savings through improvements in the quality and efficiency of physical medicine care within your network.

Through a retrospective analysis of claims data, IMDIS® highlights the unnecessary costs associated with medically inappropriate and non-covered care. Network providers receive peer feedback regarding patient care progression and opportunities for clinical and cost improvement through a combination of evidence-based education and one-on-one coaching.

AMI takes a unique approach to physical medicine management; we provide performance improvement capabilities without authorizing, denying, or limiting care.

Our programs emphasize a user-friendly approach, requiring minimal data entry from providers.

Call Us Today to investigate how, at no cost to you, an Opportunity Analysis of your network can lead to greater savings and quality of care with AMI’s network management program.


Why Choose AMI?


AMI has reduced healthcare expenses by over $100 million for all clients.


AMI engages in quarterly educational initiatives with network providers citing hours of instructive original video content.


AMI facilitates positive relationships between providers and health plan clients.


Physical Medicine Management for all Risk Bearing Entities, Public and Private

Implementing AMI’s value-based network management provides payers the ability to track provider performance to tier your provider network. Tiered provider networks historically create increased cost-savings, while simultaneously improving both provider performance and patient clinical outcomes.

Our Process

IMDIS® produces client-specific reporting including statistics on:

  • Network-level and individual provider performance for clinical and cost metrics
  • Provider program compliance by desired metrics
  • Provider program adherence to nationally accepted treatment guidelines

Want to learn more about IMDIS®?

"Provider Testimonial: I love having conversations like this. As a fellow chiropractor, you are my peer, not some person in the role of reviewer who doesn’t have a background in the field. What you say has more value, and I learn from it. It’s a great conversation."